Activate Architecture was established in 1997. The 3 founding partners: Michael Magner, Edward Brooks, and Reon van der Wiel have a cumulative work experience of 45 years successfully running Activate and the architectural projects that the firm has been appointed to do, and continue to do so as Executive Directors.

Activate Architecture restructured its ownership in 2016. The ownership model is built on the ethos that Activate is a sum total of its people. The people that make up Activate now participate in a meaningful way; as investors and shareholders rather than only as employees.

The ownership structure is broad based and distributes ownership and appropriate responsibility across the spectrum of people who make up the firm from the founding partners to the young graduate interns, all of whom share in the success of the firm and its profits.

While the founding owners continue to own a significant stake in Activate, a majority stake of the ownership is held by an Employee Share Ownership Programme in the form of a Trust which provides a platform for broad based profit share in Activate. A minority share is also owned by Ikusasa which is a Skills Development Trust focused on developing the skills of Black South African woman in the fields of sustainable built environment and green architecture.

The Team at Activate Architects

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