Description New industrial development
Location Florida, Johannesburg
Client Eureka DIY Solutions
Size Office; 2000m2 and Factory; 20000m2
Value R30 million
In association with Entity Architects

architecture [Built work -2000m2] Eureka DIY Headquarters The client required each department of the company to be separate and clearly defined and has an unusual predisposition for the hexagon shape. Perhaps this is because they have been packing nuts for the last 20 years!

Industrial buildings are driven by three unwavering principles:

  • to provide maximum flexible volume of space with effective delivery and dispatch
  • to simplify the structure to the bare minimum to reduce cost of and time of construction
  • to ensure future low to no-maintenance! K.I.S.S!

Every decision in detail has a multiplied reality in cost. This requires high levels of attention to structural detail resolution that demands an open and engaged dialogue between structural engineer and architect.

Affectionately called the ‘nut house’, the buildings consist of a series of hexagonal pods that surround three sides of the factory, and closing the fourth with a grove of established oak trees, which the buildings were designed around.

The hexagon provides 30% more façade, meaning that each staff member has an openable window, making for a pleasant office environment. The pods are linked by a glazed passageway giving great views onto the treed courtyard and indigenous parkland that replaced the original industrial wasteland.

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