Client Definite Properties
Location Cradle of Humankind, South Africa
Capacity Private dining to seat 20 guests, main dining to seat 60 guests

activate space - Roots Restaurant What did we eat 3 million years ago? Roots Restaurant is decorated with 14 photo panels printed onto glass and canvas featuring larger-than-life close up images of some of the foods that evolving humans would have eaten - honey, grubs, ants, insects, mushrooms, oysters, fish, meat, fruit, leaves and of course ROOTS!

The dining experience is sophisticated tables are large, table tops are smooth mahogany, table cloths and serviettes are textured thick cotton. The chairs are plush and upholstered some of these have wooden armrests with patterns ground into them, while others have been covered in thick embroidered floral fabric. The colour palette is warm shades of ruby, orange, aubergine, and mustard, with the slightest touch of leaf green.

The restaurant has three spaces the main dining hall, the outside deck and the private dining area with its own fireplace.

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Bell Roberts Book 2009 Featured in 10 years + 100 buildings Architecture in a Democratic South Africa.

2006 Activate win a Loerie Award for Forum Homini.
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2006 Loerie award winner

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