Description New 5 star hotel
Location Stone Town, Zanzibar
Client Elewana Lodges
Size 37 suites

activate space - Zanzibar Grand Hotel The presence of this 200 year old building on the harbour front is a vital architectural piece in the urban composition of Stone Town, forming an integral part of the UNESCO World Heritage site.

"...the whole of Stone Town is like a museum. The social revolution of President Karume left one of the most remarkable cities in Africa echoing like a ghost town. Forty years ago, on the night of January 12th 1964, the violent uprising forced the city's merchants out of their opulent homes...These were the Indian and Arab merchants who had built Zanzibar's wealth, first through slavery and then through the spice trade.

Without their money Stone Town slowly fell apart. No one could afford to maintain these great houses, and they fell into decline, but did so magnificently....because of all the neglect it suffered, Stone Town today is fast becoming one of the most attractive and interesting destinations in East Africa...Stone Town...stands today as a unique record of 19th century life on the east coast of Africa."

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