Project Stage Play - 'Jutro'
Location The Grahamstown Arts Festival 2007, and a tour of South Africa
Director Helen Iskander of Fresco Theatre
Costume & set design
Lisa Younger
Awards Naledi Award Best Set Design 2008

set & costume design - Jutro “The dust of memory settles on the bombed jazz bar in Warsaw where Mina, the beautiful singer, and Janusz, the barman, are in hiding while the Nazis rampage above them. The nuanced physicality of the performances allows the two memorable characters to breathe their sorrows, hopes and sweet secrets in a world gone berserk. Where tomorrow is a lifetime away.” Adrienne Sichel, Tonight, Aug 28, 2007

In this confined bombed space, scattered with rubble and debris, everything is out of kilter, from a bar that balances at a precarious angle out of a hole in the floor, to Mina’s broken high heeled shoe, the characters interact with and transform this ‘debris’ in their storytelling. The set and costumes are more than just decorative backdrops to the action, they become part of the visual narrative of the story.

“This is theatre which shows and never tells, which hoards a host of emotions in a single prop and a single movement.” INA RANDALL, The Herald

  2007 Activate wins a Naledi Award for "Jutro". 2007 Naledi award winner

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