Description New resort development
Location Praslin, Seychelles
Size 80 units

architecture - Luxury Hotel Project, Seychelles Arrival is announced by cresting a hill with a breathtaking view of the Coco de Mer forest and the Indian ocean from 150m above sea level, and then winding your way down the hill to the East Village.

East Village is one of four villages designed for the site that collectively make up the public buildings, offering guests a variety of intimate experiences during their stay.

The architecture is designed to sit discreetly in the forest with as little impact on the tropical forest vegetation and view-shed as possible. The design makes use of natural cross-ventilation and sustainable timbers, and indigenous palm thatching forms a protective layer which protects the roof technology from heat gain. The low pitched roof has the dual purpose of reducing the buildings’ visual impact and improving the thermal quality.

Each room is a separate pavilion nestled in the tropical forest, accessed by a footpath leading off from the golf cart path. Through a doorway in an exquisite stone wall, guests are presented with another spectacular view of the ocean beyond a plunge pool surrounded by timber decking. This is flanked on one side by a decadent daybed under a canvas parlour and on the other side the lounge and bedroom, enclosed in a glass facade.

3D images by hybridvigour

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