Winning Entry for New University Architectural Competition
Location Kimberley, Northern Cape, South Africa
Size 15 000m2
Client New Universities, DHET

architecture - Competition entry: New University Like the layers of earth of the Northern Cape that both create mineral treasure and preserve archaeological treasure: The architecture for the new campus in Kimberley is conceptualized as visible layers of public, semi-public, academic and private life to create the basis for fostering learning within a rich urban setting.

The profound narrative of Kimberley, its surrounding landscape and the spirited optimism of human endeavour over time is captured in a sunscreen screen device that surrounds the academic floors layering the façade with visual references to the history of the city and the region.

This campus building is an opportunity to be an example of a more sustainable built environment, and through the learners’ time on campus should be left with an indelible sense of a better way. Kimberley has an abundance of sunshine and a scarcity of water. These two natural resources has led to a resource recovery model that makes the most of the two resources to produce an extremely energy efficient building.

All learning and living accommodation for the bulk of the university is lifted off the ground floor, above the proposed public and semi-public shared program, with clear degrees of access control for learners and university staff.

The economic integration of the campus to the city is manifest in the accessibility of the ground plane. 60% of the building footprint on ground floor has been allocated for income with combination of retail and rental office.

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